Factors That Will Determine Your Choice of Filling Equipment

You will find many options when it comes to selection of filling equipment for your operation. Whether you are packaging liquids or solids, you will find a variety of suitable equipment to choose from. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process, you can seek the help of the manufacturers. Options such as Accupak filling equipment come with adequate support that begins even before you make your purchase.

That said, you should approach the selection with your operation’s needs in mind. You should consider the material that you seek to package, how your processes are, the challenges you seek to address, your budgetary allocations as well as your existing equipment. This will go a long way in helping you identify the type of filling equipment that you need.

Manual or automated equipment

This is an important consideration as it has a significant effect on your operations. If you are looking to save time, lower costs, meet production quotas and benefit from great convenience, then get automated equipment. You will pay more for this but in the long run, you will recover the additional cost. Manual equipment also work well if that is what you are looking for. As long as you go for high quality and equipment that provides the solutions you need, manual equipment will work just as well. You can upgrade later when your business operations allow you to.


The filling capacity of the equipment will determine whether you will meet your production quotas or not. High-capacity equipment will meet your required daily numbers. If the capacity is not adequate, you will find yourself unable to fill your orders. This can affect your profits. Your choice of equipment should therefore take into consideration your production needs. It should be the real measure of how suitable the equipment you get will be for your operations. Consider how it will work with the type of products you want to pack. A filling machine that you can adjust to fill different measures may also be a good option. It means you can fill small or large sized packs as production dictates.


The specifications the equipment has will depend on the needs you have. If your existing equipment presents a particular challenge to your operations, your choice of equipment should provide a solution for this. You can decide to upgrade your equipment to modern ones that incorporate more functions in one machine. This way, the machine will fill, weigh, package and even seal the packs. The choice of the functions will again depend on what you wish to achieve with the new equipment. Having a multifunctional machine allows you to save on maintenance costs as you will only be dealing with one machine. Automating the process enhances the convenience you enjoy even more.

Technical support

The equipment should come with adequate tech support. You want to have an easy experience with minimal downtime. The tech support will ensure that every time the equipment has issues, they will get speedy attention that will see them up and running in no time.