Happy Curmudgeons – “Idle Time”

Happy Curmudgeons have stepped their feet in the world of classic rock on December 1, 2017, with the release of their first music album, ”Meant 2 Be”. This music album has brought a fresh air in the classic rock genre, promising to cross the limitations of how a classic rock can be composed. The music album has 11 individual track, like, ”Soulsville”, ”Bar Hoppin”, ”Idle Time”, there is a touch of folk punch in the classic rock style of music. The sound and musical crafting of each song are totally unique. There is humor, irony, wry frankness, and emotional touch at the same time. Among all these soundtracks, ”Meant 2 Be” and ” Idle Time has got a lot of attention from the audience.

Most of all, if the audience really wants to enjoy this first music album of Happy Curmudgeons, they have to let loose their inner curmudgeons. Unless you do so, you can never understand the dark humor and emotions that play into the songs. ” Idle Time” is a compilation of classic rock, Blues, with a contemporary folk punch. The song runs with a playful lyrics and beats that fits perfectly in a party atmosphere. The song will boost energy in your mind, leading you to walk on the roads of the past days, propelling your thoughts to the blissful happy hours.

Each of the soundtracks of ”Meant 2 Be” comes with unique color, the color of the sound and music. In the ”Idle Time”, Happy Curmudgeons have tried to restore the craze and passion of the wonderful Americana Rock spirit during the 90s’. Like the name of the song, ”Idle Time has given enough space and hours to the band to express and emphasize how much pleasure they take in their lyrical and musical creativity.

The design, modeling, and presentation of ”Idle Time” is eccentric, but it reflects multitude influences.  There are real-time emotions from real-life experiences, get caught in the ”Idle Time” along with the other ten soundtracks of the album ”Meant 2 Be”. This makes the audience to feel every edge, ups, and downs of the emotion that the Happy Curmudgeons have poured over in the song.

The lyrics and the beats of ”Idle Time” sometimes feel real hard rock, sometimes the raw folk elements come to the front. The musical playfulness of the guitar, drum seem to be awesome; once the song ends you will feel drowsy as if you have taken an overdose of the drug. The skillful mixture of the beat with the lyrics creates such an intoxicating mood, feeling so much joy in your heart and mind that you will burst at the seams.

There is no sign of any idle behavior of Happy Curmudgeons in putting meaningful lyrics and playful music in ”Idle Time”. In fact, the song is full of exuberance and enthusiasm, sparkling with the folk punch. If anyone wants to listen to a song with the 90’s rock spirit, take a deep plunge in Happy Curmudgeon’s ”Idle Time”.


– Jamie Wilson