Meelow – ‘Humans’

Pop perfection pours out of Meelow’s “Humans”. Sung with the utmost of passion, Meelow creates a thought-provoking track that embraces the EDM beat that anchors it. Stylistically Meelow incorporates elements of electro, happy house, and even a hint of jazz into the proceedings. By choosing such a myriad number of approaches this helps to emphasize the change that the lyrics explore. The lyricism has a great intelligence to it, as the way change needs to be embraced deserves such a carefully crafted message. Incredible rhythms help to carry the piece along with a driving tempo, ensuring that a great deal of color comes right into the mix.


Piano and finger snaps introduce the track. This intimacy nicely dovetails with Meelow’s soulful vocals. Upon the beat entering into the mix everything truly begins in earnest. From below the hazy beats eventually rise up to the forefront. Layer upon layer of sound emerges out of the sonic ether for it all feels outright celebratory. A vast mosaic of color works wonders for the entire track passes by in a victorious haze. By choosing such a careful attention to detail the whole track feels carefully balanced. Energy flows through the entirety of the song as everything grows in power. Towards the latter half of the piece Meelow lets loose a little bit, allowing things to drift by into a delightful optimistic haze.

With “Humans” Meelow explores the fear of change while embracing that which can anyone feel truly alive.