7 Tips for Throwing a Forest Cabin Party

If you are looking to escape a busy urban area, and change your party venue, then a forest cabin is a perfect solution for you. The party will be as great as you want it to be. Make a combination between a picnic and a crazy night out to extend this relaxing experience. People are the ones setting the mood of the party, so, create a good atmosphere to help them stay in the mood.

Set up the time

A forest cabin party is one of those parties that last longer than your typical house parties, and do not only happen in the evening. This is something you can even use as a weekend getaway. Set up a time earlier in the day, perhaps start at lunchtime and make it a day excursion which would turn into an evening party. Perhaps most will even stay the night, depending on the location of the cabin and its capacity.

The crew

Get a group of your closest friends, those from your “inner circle” and ask them to host this party for you. Depending on what you want to achieve and how many of you there is, you can start the day party and invite more gussets to join in later on. The hosts are, obviously, responsible for providing the supplies. Delegate and share responsibility as, that way, everyone gets to enjoy and relax.

The supplies

There are various factors included in determining which supplies you need. It starts off with the number of people included. If you are starting early in the day, on a Saturday, let’s say, you will need two meals for that day, and probably a breakfast for the next day. You have three categories of those invited, the people who are coming during the day on Saturday, those who are coming in the evening, as well as those who are staying overnight. Barbeque is probably the easiest to prepare so think meat and vegetables. Also, you need to think about drinks. You will need a supply of drinking water, non-alcoholic drinks, and alcohol.

The setup

The party should take place outside. Cabins are not usually big and having a lot of people coming in and out could become messy. Instead of bringing a number of chairs, you can use logs as chairs or make benches out of logs and planks. Always have a bonfire, that is a must in a forest. Set up a sitting area around it. Use a lot of torches and some fairy lights to make it romantic. The décor should combine the woods with the modern style but is not essential as nature is beautiful enough on its own. Use wooden boards to put a quirky sign.

The meals

Since every party involving barbeque, is not fair for the person making it, perhaps you should take turns. Also, during the day, you can pretend this is a big family activity and you can all join in preparing food. There will be a lot of flipping, pealing, and cutting so you do not want to have only several people work for everyone else. The same goes for general clean up. Everyone should ensure to throw their plates and glasses in a designated bin. Make sure you separate items properly, so they can be recycled later on.

 The amenities

A forest cabin might lack certain thing that you normally take for granted. Check whether you have enough glasses, dishes, plates, and silverware. Also, is there a stove included. Is there a coffee maker if someone needs it desperately? One of the most important questions is whether there is a functional sink, bathroom or a toilet. Elk Creek Trailers offers mobile hand washing trailers for sale to suit your every need, from wildland firefighting emergencies and other disasters all the way up to large crowds at events. That will stop great many from wondering where to go and you will decrease the risk of the existing toilet clogging. Make sure you have enough space for sleeping, if not bring sleeping bags. Do not forget to set up retractable fly screens, otherwise, you will not get any sleep.

The water fun

If there is a lake or a river nearby, you can take the party there. If you have a motorboat, make sure you take it along. Also, apart from the boat, you can join in traditional swimming. However, with any activities happening near water, you must drink responsibly. If there are people who have been drinking, it does not hurt to have at least one sober person to act, just in case. The opportunities with water are endless so use your imagination.

It helps if you enjoy nature as it will give you a number of fun ideas. Do not forget your supplies, at least not the essentials. The important thing about a forest cabin party is to have a group of people who will make it a party in the first place.