Monsieur Job – ‘Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow’

Monsieur Jobs’ debut single “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” is a revelatory musical synthesis from an outfit culling their lineup from a variety of backgrounds. Veteran vocalist Martin Cintron fronts a winning musical arrangement courtesy of songwriters Stan Kolev and Toby Holguin. The project’s genesis is the brainchild of Basswalk Latino’s chief executive Jose Fernando Holguin, but it’s the membership that makes it come truly alive. The eclectic background of the band is reflected by a mix of South American and European influences. Columbian natives Toby Holguin, Leo Jaramillo, and Charlie Illera are joined by American vocalist Cintron and Bulgarian born Kolev to form a cohesive, colorful unit who sound like they can take on any style or genre. The chosen sound of the band’s music, however, is a potent mix of urban pop and Latin flavor crafted with immense intelligence and feeling.

This is an across the board effort. Both the musical and vocal component of this performance comes off with an equal amount of punch, but the performance begins with the music. Holguin and Kolev base everything around the drumming to excellent effect. The Caribbean tone of the percussion keeps the song moving restlessly, through multiple changes, but the song follows a coherent path throughout and connects with the listener in an intensely physical way. It’s a natural dance tune, in some respects, but avoids all the associated superficiality. There’s added layers to this song thanks to stylized guitars and other instruments coloring the performance as well an artful array of keyboard and synthesizer strands weaving their way through the track. Everything musical unfolds during “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” with inevitability, but it isn’t the eye rolling clichéd variety. Instead, the song throws some imaginative flourishes and shifts into the arrangement that makes perfect sense once you give the song additional listens.


Cintron’s singing crowns the performance. His voice weaves and glides through the mix without ever showing a hint of hesitation – it’s an undoubted product of his extensive experience as a performer and that confidence infuses the track with an added surfeit of energy. He’s skilled at invoking atmospherics, as well, without ever showing an overwrought quality that cruder, less effective singers might have pursued. There’s a good balance between his presence in the song and the instrumental sounds, but Cintron certainly commands listener’s attention when he’s present in the mix. It’s the intensely human quality he imparts to the performance that fills it with palpable warmth, but “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” is a memorable tune overall and has a relatable sound a wide audience of listeners will connect with. The marriage of Cintron’s singing with the musical arrangement is instant magic and the union makes for one of the most infectiously memorable pop songs we’ve yet heard in 2018. Monsieur Jobs’ debut announces the arrival of one of the pop scene’s most formidable acts in some time.


William Elgin