@skopemag Weekend Premiere – “Stale” by Phantom Vanity

“Stale” by Phantom Vanity. Directed by Boyd, tells the story of how loving someone can make you change, weep, while in love, and still become stale. This is Boyd’s first stop motion effort, the song appears on Vintage Slacker (now available on phantomvanity.com and on all streaming platforms).

Introducing Brooklyn’s powerhouse, PHANTOM VANITY – http://phantomvanity.com/

This is the third music video by PHANTOM VANITY featuring stop motion design by writer and band leader BOYD.

This crowd pleasing lyrical busting band is creating waves with each new stage they touch. With inspirations from funk, folk, and soul, this brand new sound is about bringing truth, and inspiring dance within listeners. Vintage Slacker EP is composed of 7 tracks that uniquely speak about the trials and growth that humans endure on this small planet. “I want to be able to sing about how we travel through all these self-inflicted barriers that make us afraid, lonely, spiteful. How we mature and become comfortable and fair to ourselves, how we learn to love ourselves and love others,” she said. “I want to sing songs that are empowering,” says BOYD.