ESP Evolution Present New Single ‘BURNING’

Lady Capri and Overdose have joined hands to create a whole new different form of the musical genre which promises to break all barriers of how music is composed and what audience is going to experience. The partnership which started in 2010 is going strong and delivering a series of hits. ESP Evolution proclaims to challenge your musical cravings and leverage your taste buds, making you seek more. ESP Evolution is not only innovative but also a revolutionary step in the world of music. They aim to unite the world with their unique composition and delivery.

ESP Evolution infuses so many different genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, rhythm and blues and Jamaican reggae and creates a unique blend of expression and experience. “Burning” is a high voltage song full of energy and enthusiasm. Lady Capri produces a free-flowing lyrics with her husky textured voice.

The guitar strings beautifully weave through the verses, making a beautiful melody of vocals and instruments. The background score has an upbeat rhythm, which sounds interesting and intoxicating as well. Overdose shows his mastery on the guitar like never before. The drum beats are simply superb with well supported high pitched sound. The blend of heavy metal rock is quite significant in the composition.

The “Burning” has a very high intensity of expression, which will undoubtedly create a feeling of high energy, drive, and enthusiasm among the listeners. The “Burning” is an intensely expressive feeling of power, pursuit, challenge, revenge, chaos, confidence and victory. The song runs at a blistering pace and will surely make the audience dance on its tunes.

‘But I have felt the key,’ marks the chorus of the song which has a unique texture of challenge and opportunity. The inspirational theme that the song portrays is complementary to the irresistible nature of the perfectly synchronized guitar chords and the heavy pulsating beats. The provocative lyrics of the track create the distinct theme which resembles a lighted flame of desire that is impossible to be extinguished.

Overdose also has plants the words skillfully to produce a masterpiece of an unbreakable moment of passionate emotions. The whole lyrical section weaves an inevitable story of revenge that burns in the flames of unforgivable emotional disasters. The track binds an amazing story of passion, love, romance, betrayal, and vehemence that is sure to keep the audience engaged in the song completely.

Lady Capri has beautifully infused her melodious musical talent to provoke the upcoming generations to believe in undying feelings and use the power of creativity and melody. The recording quality of the song is pretty original showcasing the variation and efforts precisely. The digital effects on the song sound great as the tale unfolds slowly and whimsically.

The newly released track ‘Burning’ is based on the charismatic theme of human bondage and betrayal in a blend of melodies intricacies. Based on a relatable and original concept the song takes many high and low notches to take its audience into a world of rhythmic charm and intense passion. The track is an effortless composition from the duo that is sure to touch its audience without fail.

-Jessica Burns