Laust Sonne Presents Video For “On The Radio”

The multi-instrumentalist Scandinavian mastermind behind sugar-sweet hits like “Reckless” and “Spell On You” is back. “On The Radio” chimes in with an impressively percussive, yet melodic guitar progression before being stormed by a low-end thump when the thick electronic bass kicks in. The verse hangs off a cliff with the line, “You have moved on and our love has disappeared”, echoing to fill the space as the listener awaits a payoff in the chorus.

Laust Sonne delivers that chorus like an electronic orchestra, with layers of synth lines, vocal harmonies and a full-time beat, making it impossible to avoid dancing on impact. The lyrics detail the jealousy and nostalgia Sonne feels once his heart is broken by a former love. He would do anything to re-live the high’s of his past relationship, like dancing to their favorite songs on the radio. The video takes place in a bustling city. Even with life happening all around him, he can’t help but think about his lost relationship. These deeply nostalgic feelings are depicted via vintage-looking flashbacks weaving in and out of the entirety of the video.