Rachel Price – “Sunshine and Rainbows”

Rachel Price’s “Sunshine and Rainbows” possesses a fiery passion to it with a fully realized, lovely sound. Vocals rest in the very heart of the piece, as Rachel Price’s voice displays an incredible range, going from the intimate to the bombastic. Her lyrics have a playful quality to them, as she offers an incredible narrative that ties everything together in a most perfect way. Little snippets of a life lived to the fullest rush by for Rachel Price plays close attention to every single nuance of the piece. Stylistically the track incorporates elements of pop, rock, and country into a singular satisfying whole.

Things start up just right with nimble acoustic guitar. Not long before the beat enters into the equation. Grooves settle down quite quickly. Upon Rachel Price’s voice coming into the equation the song truly begins. Her description of her experiences, right down to the ups and downs, makes the whole thing feels so real. From the usage of missed connections to the desire to miss connections, the whole song has an earnest, honest quality to it. By incorporating small details, from Tinder references to simply hanging out with friends. All of this is perfectly framed with a clever, infectious melody. Rhythms further allow the entire piece to simply drive forward with a great level of power. For the final stretch of the piece everything comes to a fantastic climax while Rachel Price’s displays her spellbinding vocals.


Optimistic to its very core, Rachel Price’s “Sunshine and Rainbows” radiates with a tremendous sense of joy.