Brett Randell Releases New EP ‘Rise’

Brett Randell rises to immediate fame with his newly released EP Rise. Listen and Enjoy!

Brett Randell is a New York based talented musician who has been creating fusion music for some time now. This 28 years old young singer and songwriter, is currently living in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, where he is dedicatedly producing melodious strings which have the potential to enchant his audience with his beautiful musical collections. He has recently released a new EP ‘Rise’ which has become the rising sensation in the musical world.

The collection begins off with the lead and best track, “The Waitress.” With a culling guitar section, that highlights all through the track, Randell shows a smart conveyance with piles of energy that makes the tune amazingly agreeable and reminiscent of melodious classics. Nobody can get some distance from the wild, quick paced, verbal conveyance as it is altogether depicting.

The verses, however, they pass by within a few quick moments which recounts a delightful storytelling about seeking and discovering love. The words that truly impact the verse that Randell brings, “I came in for some espresso and got a greater buzz than some espresso could have presented to me/that is the point at which the server saw me and disclosed to me things that moved me more than anything she could have sold me.”

“Without You,” is a sweet and tragic anthem that is altogether different from “The Waitress,” yet it just goes to demonstrate the wide range of Randell’s creativity. It begins off calm, however, gets more profound as the melody proceeds and strikes a decent harmony which does allure the audience towards it.

When he sings “I will never nod off again without you,” one can truly feel the agony in Randell’s heart that exclusively keeps on unfurling as the melody advances. There is as yet an awesome measure of punch and demeanor in the melody which makes “Without You,” something beyond a straightforward ditty. Actually, it’s just another brilliant shot from Randell.

“Ghost” is the epitome of the type of visual music that Randell creates, painting a picture with every word. “The ghost of your love is caught in the motion/waves as they roll back in the sand,” Randell sings showcasing once again the strength of his writing. Lines like “winter will come to freeze the night sky/the cold can be cruel,” continue to help propel Randell as one of the finest poets the rest of the world needs to embrace with open arms. It’s a very relatable tune, which helps Randell create an even bigger bond with his audience. The intimacy of “Ghost,” that Randell creates is something to marvel at and get lost in, quiet and yet powerful.

Randell takes the greatest challenge in creating, “Enigma,” which sets up a kind of a journey of tales. The crying strings, alongside Randell’s vocals, convey a puzzling and darker tone to the melody. Like the verses, the track has a slippery quality to it and like its name is a lot of a mystery. This new EP is a potent mixture of the best gems that Randell has designed so creatively and it will surely take him to unreachable heights in the music industry.

-Paul Dillon