New Video By The NaveBlues “Sitting On Top Of The World”

The NaveBlues have quickly been established as the kind of outside-the-box talent that we cherish here at HIP Video Promo. Fronted by Nave Pundik, the group flourishes in their mission to bring their blues rock chops from their Norwegian homes to a global audience. Their previous efforts for “The Bird/Ghost Collector,” “Sexy Kiss,” and “Thank You” all showcased their undeniable talents not just in the songwriting department, but in the meticulous execution of it all.

Of course, all of this talk of songwriting and performance are all centered around one particular weapon of choice… the harmonica. Pundik wields the instrument with a command like few others can. His laser-like rhythmic control, pitch perfect delivery, and succulent tones all come together to remind listeners that the harmonica, though small in size, can pack a massive punch in the right hands.

Today, The NaveBlues brings a new video for viewers to check out… “Sitting On Top Of The World,” The concept of the video revolves around a world famous ballerina in her own private dance hall. Each week a new musician is invited in to showcase their talents to inspire her dance and flow. This week it is The NaveBlues’ turn. With no audience, no band, and nothing between him and the dancer, Nave stands on stage with harmonica in hand, hitting all the right notes in his quest to move her.