Ezra Vancil – “YOU”

Ezra Vancil delves into a compassionate sound on the country-folk musings of “You”. Sung with such tenderness, Ezra Vancil’s work at times recalls the loveliness of Benoît Pioulard’s most straightforward pieces. Absolutely teeming with life, his storytelling ability helps to tie these songs together with the utmost of care. The arrangements go for a light airy feeling, even as every gesture neatly comes together to form a colorful whole. Layer upon layer of sound comes into the mix every so leisurely, never feeling overdone. Rather dreamy at times, the way the vignettes linger in the mind shows off their thoughtfulness.

Best of all is the highlight and opening track “Complicated Man”. Starting off with such a hushed sort of reverence, the way the song unfurls gives it a natural grace. Guitar playing feels particularly nimble, as Ezra Vancil allows additional details to come into view with such ease. As the beat subtly enters into the mix the song truly starts in earnest. Indeed, the whole track feels nicely imbued with such emotional heft that the piece truly soars. Pastoral in scope, “Wild Girl” chooses a gorgeous stream of sound to call its own, as it increasingly grows in strength and intensity, even bringing some classical flourishes into the forefront. Nicely bringing everything to a close is the infectious pop perfection of “Settle down Good” where the chorus adds to the piece’s playful quality.


On “You” Ezra Vancil crafts a warm inviting world, one that celebrates the importance of community, togetherness, and building relationships.