The Silver Bayonets – ‘Fake’

The Silver Bayonets delves into a wild defiant attitude with the energetic rush of “Fake”. Full of infectious riffs and inviting grooves, the whole thing possesses a fantastic edge to it. Volume helps to further emphasize the unruly spirit that rests at the very heart of the track. With a jagged impulse that neatly merges garage, punk, and classic rock into a satisfying whole, the piece is an absolute rush. Nicely rising above it all are the commanding lyrics that ride the oftentimes rollicking rhythms that tie everything together. Infused with a strong sense of play, the independent spirit of the sound is undeniable.




Percussion introduces the piece as everything comes into view ever so quickly. Upon the guitars entering into the fray things truly get started. Bass rumbles by as the entire song balances between cacophony and minimalism. Upon bursting forth with incredible power, the lyrics further emphasize the hyper kinetic style. Guitar work feels particularly fantastic while they nicely tie together a number of stylistic hues into such a perfect, strangely catchy melody. For the breakdown the Silver Bayonets show a little bit of subtly, adding to the overall spirited presence. When they reach that final stretch, everything lets loose as the Silver Bayonets go for broke, unleashing a righteous fury.

“Fake” shows off the impressive chops of the Silver Bayonets, creating a colossal series of riffs and rhythms that intermingle in a kaleidoscope of bright brilliant colors.

By Mark Swain