Discussions on each query and information related to fixed deposit promotions

People are disappointed with the jobs as you need to be permanent in those jobs and you need to run on boss rules. In such situation, people look for alternative business to secure and maintain their reputation than others. In this world, it is difficult to fulfill desire as with population and separation with upper and lower status makes it unable for common people to seek in jobs. People run a business, but they are unable to get success as you need to invest a lot when it is a new business which, common people cannot afford. If you are looking for other alternative business to make money, then it is best to get fixed deposit promotions.

What is Fixed Deposit?

A fixed deposit is an efficient type of investment through which you can invest your money in an investment account to earn money with higher interest. Usually, people spend their money on regular savings accounts as they are not aware of such accounts, so they are unable to get the benefit of these banks. You should know that this is the simplest way to earn money as these methods are considered to be “risk-free.” Also, you get to expect higher if you maintain your fixed deposit for a long time. Maintaining it can give you more interest than investing and drawing money out from your account.

Some basics related to fixed deposit promotions:

People have queries related to their FD account. They ask what the deposit amount for an FD account is. How long and flexible is the tenure of an FD account? What are the interest rates of an FD account? With this article, you will get to know about each answer accurately with real information. The initial placement amount that you need to invest in FD account is RM10,000 (it is the average amount according to the bank). If you are looking for a preset period for placement, then you should know that they start from as short as one month and end up to 60 months.

Interest rate of an FD account is calculated on a yearly basis (it works differently than savings account as they calculate on a daily basis). It is best to look for a higher tenure to get more interest. If you are looking for 12-month tenure for a term deposit account, then the interest rate you will get more likely will be 3% to 4% per annum. It is best to look for, fixed deposit promotions as they give the highest interest between their promotional periods which is normally at the beginning of the first year. Terms and conditions like fixed minimum deposit amount in your account, no withdrawals, and a fresh fund are allowed before maturity apply.

What are the advantages of FD account?

  • Higher interest – When you compare it with saving accounts, you will get to know that these FD accounts give you higher interest rate. Also, with excellent history and experience, they are safe and reliable from years and back. Higher interest comes with maintain fixed deposits, so it is best to maintain it
  1. Guaranteed – With their great policy and interest, they also assure you with a guarantee to make your money double with some years. They are risk-free, and you should not be confused whether you need to invest in them or not, just apply, and you will get a benefit for sure. You should wait until you get appropriate profit. This can be secure method and anytime, you feel like withdrawing money out, you can do so easily, but you will not be able to collect interests
  • Low initial principle – Many people think that you need to invest a lot on these FD accounts. They are wrong as you need to put some money in your pocket. With low initial amount or deposit amount, anyone can invest money in these accounts

These are some of the benefits of investing money in fixed deposit.

What happens when you withdraw money before maturity?

When you are trapped in some situations and want to withdraw your whole or partial money from your FD account, you can do so easily, but you need to pay extra withdrawal money to secure your interest for some time. The first thing that they do is cancels your contract signed by you to receive money with interest (for those who don’t pay for withdrawal money). Further, if you are paying withdrawal money, then there are chances that after maturity, you will get less than not withdrawing any money. To get higher interest, it is best to maintain fixed deposit.

Does FD account renewable? If yes, then How?

Most of the times, an account is automatically renewed with some promises of interest, but there are chances that you will not get accurate notification before the date of maturity. After the end of a maturity date, there are more chances that you will be able to get higher interest rates than before. If you are withdrawing money, then there are fewer chances for your account to be renewed.

Who is eligible for FD account?

All Malaysians, foreigners or PR who aged above 18-year-old are the ones who are eligible for most of the FD accounts available in Malaysia. There are also some accounts which are specially designed for kids. Kids can avail this benefit only with the companion of their legal guardians or senior citizens who are aged at a minimum of 50 years.


It is best if you are applying your account for fixed deposit, so you get higher interests than a regular bank account from any bank. Firstly, you should collect all information about the source and their vulnerability to their history and reputation so that you can be secure and safe. Further, this is the only riskless source to make money fast. You don’t need to do anything but just wait for it. It is best to look for long tenure if you want higher interest rates. Start investing in these accounts so you can avail top benefits and features from the banks.