Kathryn Shipley – ‘Take My Hand (lead me through this life)’

Kathryn Shipley sings with a tremendous bluesy spirit on the soulful “Take My Hand (Lead Me Through This Life)”. Lyrics come to define the entirety of the piece. With a strong emphasis on the power of faith Kathryn Shipley sings from a lifetime of experience. Further emphasizing this strength and power comes from the gorgeous choir that backs her up every step of the way. Instrumentally the track goes for a rich luxurious sound. Layer upon layer slowly emerges to the forefront further giving it an all-consuming, ornate quality. Beats have a physicality to them, packed with emotion as they steadily keep the pace, allowing a certain Zen to reside within the piece.

Everything starts out in a positively swinging style. With an expansive, full-bodied sound, Kathryn Shipley taps into a universal timeless feeling. Celebrating togetherness, Kathryn Shipley implores people to reach out. The faith that leads the track forward feels outright lovely. Organ work further gives a bit of grace into the entirety of the piece. Melodically rich, the many layers have a colorful, almost kaleidoscopic appeal to them. By going for such a quality Kathryn Shipley utilizes a subtle journey to further bring light into the track. For the final stretch everything simply falls out leaving only the power of her voice.

On “Take My Hand (Lead Me Through This Life)” Kathryn Shipley creates a spellbinding world, one that feels so vivid and real.

Artist Page: https://bongoboyrecords.com/kathrynshipley/