Ezla – ‘Skeletons’

Ezla releases her new single skeleton which is already ruling the internet with its provoking lyrics and gripping visuals. Listen and Enjoy!

The world of pop music has gained momentum with the rise of many talented artists in recent times. Ezla is the new phenomena in this world who has firmly established her place in the musical arena with her very first single, ‘Outcasts’. This year she would be releasing another single ‘Skeleton’ from the album Outcasts which is already going around the internet with vast appreciation from her perpetual fans and followers.

Originally hailing from Texas, Ezla has an inborn proficiency to craft melodies that are one of its kind. Based on the ambiance of hypnotic pop, her musical style is just as free and independent as she is in her own life. Breaking the traditional norms of pop music, her musical creations have every flavor of originality and uniqueness. Strong emotional lyrics and mesmerizing background music forms the basic foundation of her musical realm which spreads a magnetic suction force to lure any young musicians towards her creations.

As far as the single is concerned, ‘Skeleton’ needs no words to describe its brilliant audio enticement. Starting with a slow, smooth melodious prelude the song takes pace gradually as it reaches closer towards its chorus. The chorus forms the best magnetic accomplishment of the song to intrigue its audience. Just like her other single, Ezla has worked well to build the theme of the track that she wanted to deploy so earnestly among her audience. With the heart-provoking lyrics and her deep soulful voice, Ezla has successfully poured her passion and imagination into this memorable track.

The background score accompanied by the tuneful guitar chords and the pulsating drum blends well with the touching theme of the song. The lyrics relate to the facade of love where emotions are attached to pricey materials and fake relations are more valuable than real ones. Ezla enlightens this truth of the real word clean with this rhythmic and catchy number. The song also encloses a gripping video which highlights her spontaneous performance and passion as a singer.

‘Í bite on your lip and now I taste that its plastic’ evokes the last verse of the song which further amplifies the intense theme of the song and video. Ezla performs in a slow gradual movement without making the video too loud or dramatic but her gestures aptly match with the rhythm and theme of the song. The beautiful guitar section in between the verses alongside the beating drums increases the intensity and melody of this single track. With an unforgettable visual treat, ‘Skeletons’ depicts the knowledge and passion Ezla bored in her heart. Working with many renowned producers, Ezla proficiently gives a flawless performance with this amazing composition.

The recording quality of the song is brilliant which clearly represents the rich vocal texture and sound by Ezla. Pertaining to the simplicity of the song the visual effects on the video is kept minimal which enhances the original mood of the song a few high notches. With this single, Ezla has truly shown immense confidence and talent which could inspire many musicians to this absolutely new genre of creative music.


– James Walsh