Anenon collaborates with dancer Brittany Bailey in “Pure” video

Today marks the release of the head-turning collaborative video from mercurial Los Angeles artist/composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Anenon. The video for “Pure” — one of the most adventurous tracks from the forthcoming Tongue LP out 2/9 on Friends of Friends — features elegantly framed interpretive dance from dance artist Brittany Bailey that was shot in various locations throughout Los Angeles. It’s one kind of natural beauty juxtaposed against another, with Anenon’s scarce atmospherics allowing the viewer to zero in on the rich visuals. Bailey has worked closely with Marina Abramovic, Michael Clark, and Yvonne Rainer — huge figures in art and dance worlds — and here she helps to define the the post-modern world that Brian Allen Simon explores on the new album.


Celebrity make-up artist, Jonathan Anenon Fernandez, the newest star of Season 8 of Love & Hip-Hop New York, recently opened up on the show about the traumatic Gay Conversion Therapy he was subjected to at the age of 10 years old. Having grown up in New York City in a religious Dominican family, Fernandez’s mother sent him to the Dominican Republic in 1995 to undergo the controversial, yet legal, conversion therapy for six months. Bullied all throughout his childhood for not fitting into the “normal” gender stereotypes, his mother believed the treatment would help him address his feminine qualities, and ultimately keep him safe from his abusers.

“I went through a series of psychotherapy and hormone therapy to address my more feminine behaviour,” says Fernandez about his treatment. “Part of the treatment consisted of electronic stimulation that was hooked up to my body through pads with wires connected to a machine. The therapist would then give me light shocks if I answered questions incorrectly, or in a way that they disapproved of. I have had physical and emotional scars that I live with to this day.”

Emily James Shares Music Video for “If Walls Could Talk”

Today, LA based singer-songwriter, Emily James, releases the video for her cathartic single, “If Walls Could Talk.” Ruminating on the idea that a room can serve witness to the rise and fall of a relationship, Emily’s video for “If Walls Could Talk” consists of just Emily, a piano, and a dramatic dance, letting the song take the front seat and leaving room for the viewer’s imagination to wander and reflect on their own experiences.

S!ege Premieres Video for “Tuesday Blues”!

“Tuesday Blues” served as our introduction to S!ege’s powerful brand of moody, evocative alternative rock. The project calls to mind the best of the heyday of indie rock that we saw in the 90’s and has been described as a cross between Fiona Apple and Nine Inch Nails with a contemporary twist. The track is mysterious and industrial but still manages to put forth a highly-addictive chorus that will pull every ounce of emotion from the listener. “Tuesday Blues” premiered last October and has since received praise from a wide array of press outlets including Alternative Press, Paste Magazine, New Noise Magazine and Idobi Radio. The video cements the air of 90’s nostalgia the track emits, as it conjures the same conceptual simplicity and attention to detail that was prevalent when alternative rock videos dominated MTV.

Video: Rocky Banks – “Tony Hawk”

Rhyming with uncommon wit and stark honesty, Houston rapper Rocky Banks raps to show off his skills and tell his life story. Rhyming over a disorienting, whirling dervish of chimes and xylophones, Rocky flexes on his come-up on “Tony Hawk.” Weaving shots at Donald Trump within his dizzying array of boasts and tongue-twisters, Rocky Banks proves his formidable skill in the new single. Premiered by EARMILK, “Tony Hawk” is the latest video from Big Little Brother, which tells the story of Rocky’s life as a rising rapper and a recovering drug addict, following the creative video for “Through The Phone,” premiered by HipHopDX earlier this month. Featuring appearances from Ripp Flamez, LVFromCle, Mufasa Enzor, Big Brandon Willis and Tiara Jewel, Big Little Brother, releasing on February 5th, places Rocky Banks in an esteemed lineage of self-aware street rappers.

The Telescopes present ‘Everything Must Be’

The Telescopes present the new video for their ambient bliss-trance track ‘Everything Must Be’, one of six tracks found on their new ‘Stone Tape’ album, released via Rome-based label Yard Press. This video was created by Michele Manfellotto, following up album lead tracks ‘The Desert In Your Heart’ and ‘Silent Water’, which premiered in Louder Than War and Paste Magazine respectively.


Hailing from Estonia, ​Holy Motors is a five-piece twang and reverb band featuring three​ ​guitarists. They are cowboys at heart who come off as shoegazers by their presence and​ ​dreamcatchers in their music.​ ​Their equal parts somnambulant and sultry Sleeprydr 7”​ from earlier in 2017​ was aptly described as​ ​“psychedelic rock​ ​that hits like a dream despite undoubtedly seeking to soundtrack nightmares” ​by ​Stereogum.

Emel announces remix album ‘Ensenity’

Tunisian artist, Emel Mathlouthi, rose to prominence seven years ago after a video of her performing a stunning, a capella version of her song “Kemti Horra (My Word Is Free)” during a street protest went viral online. It became the unofficial anthem of the Arab Spring and earned her the title “voice of the Tunisian revolution.” Emel’s music was ultimately banned from Tunisian radio airwaves and she was later asked to perform “Kemti Horra (My Word Is Free)” at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony for its significance during the uprising.