RaR – ‘Darkness’

RaR’s “Darkness” delves into a pulsing techno wilderness, one that truly taps into the best of celebratory house music. Epic in scope, the way RaR allows everything to simply teem with life feels absolutely masterful. Layer upon layer of sound works in unison to create a virtually kaleidoscopic, almost rave-like, with its intense energy. Perfectly imbuing their track with even more grandeur is Elizabeth Robinson’s powerful, soulful vocals. By nicely allowing her voice to soar above the track gains additional strength. Little details gain additional importance, from the way that volume demands to be blasted to the swell of the synthesizer rushes.

Opening up with a spacious, nearly pastoral quality, RaR allows the entire atmosphere to linger for a moment. Holding back on an instant blast, instead RaR lets everything build up. They prove adept at the gradual evolution of it all, letting the way the piece twists and turns feel particularly gorgeous. Beats hit hard with a particular poignancy, as their flexible grooves weave their way throughout the entire piece. Usage of Elizabeth Robinson’s voice further adds to the tenderness of the track. Quite nimble, RaR ensures that every aspect is pushed to the brink as the latter half of the track simply lets loose as RaR chooses a psychedelic swirl. For the final stretch RaR pull back, revealing their truly deft touch.

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With “Darkness” RaR maintain an ideal balance between their pop instincts with a true love of EDM, letting the two styles come together into a satisfying whole.