JDR – ‘Only U’

JDR taps into a tropical, summery sound on the party-infused atmosphere of “Only U”. Poppy to its very core the track bounces through with a tremendous amount of energy. Vocals simply stun as they go for a loose form of poetry, as they focus upon a yearning a true desire to be together. Indeed, the vocals serve as the heart and soul of the track from which all else stems. Rhythms have an infectious quality to them as they rush through with tremendous power. With a melody that lingers the entire piece neatly comes together to create something that feels so alive.

Not a moment is wasted for JDR goes right into the heart of it. From the elastic groove to the bombastic beat, everything works. The guitar additionally adds a further level of flair to the proceedings. Upon the bass entering into the equation things move forward with such intensity. By opting for such a nimble approach JDR opts for something that feels light and airy. Quite neon hued with its synthesizer flourishes the jumpy nature of the groove additionally works wonders, allowing the entire piece to unfurl with a state of true playfulness. Little elements come in and out of focus while the song builds up, showing off JDR’s uncanny knack for infectious hooks. Towards the end of the piece it all reaches a fevered pitch before simply drifting away.

With “Only U” JDR opts for a joyous track, one that celebrates love and community with a true sense of fun.