VanWyck Release Video for “Listen to You Breathe”

VanWyck releases the video for the second single off her album, “Listen to You Breathe. The video was shot by Sabijn Peters of Lovid Productions in shot in De Melkweg which is one of Amsterdam’s best known live venues. Captivating and hauntingly atmospheric, the song delves into the dark excitement of creation: Melodious whispers and gentle keys chase that something that is tantalizingly close and yet always out of reach. Combining the sensual with the mystical, VanWyck circles the mysteries of love, life and creation.

The album, An Average Woman, is due out January 19 onMaiden Name Records. In the video there is an underlying feeling of being there and not being there at the same time, of hands reaching for something, of eyes searching, of being in the dark and sometimes briefly in the light.