New Video By Felly ft. Konshens “Wide Angle”

He hails from Connecticut, but his sound is decidedly SoCal. 21 year old Felly finished school at the University of Southern California not a moment too soon, as the buzz surrounding his music has reached a deafening level. With an equal mixture of reggae and hip-hop samples, his sound is the sort of music that takes a listener and lifts them onto a sonic cloud. Close your eyes, tilt your head back, and soak in the stellar vibes. Still not convinced? Check out the brand new video for “Wide Angle,” and try not to bob your head along to this one.

With a sound that he describes as “a fusion of hip-hop, feel good shit, reggae, jazz and al little bit of trap combined” Although early comparisons to artists like Mac Miller were common, Felly has evolved in such a way that it’s hard to pin him down like that. He dropped his album, This Shit Comes in Waves, followed up with an EP Young Fel, and now he’s just dropped his newest effort Wild Strawberries. The album features guest spots from GYYPS, Trip Carter, Frex, Konshens, and more. While some artists tap different genres because they don’t know what they want, Felly is the kind of artist who taps into different influences because it’s exactly what he wants. Felly has stated his overall goal is have the same sort of impact as Bob Marley and the ability to move audiences. We’d say he’s closer than he thinks!

His new video for “Wide Angle” is a visual trip through the rolling hills of the California countryside. Accompanied by scathingly hot crew of lady friends at his side, they set up their inner tubes and rafts and turn this barren hillside into their own private beach. Director Walu employs an arsenal of visual tricks to turn this clip into a mindbending ride (or should we say a Wild Strawberry field?) Lens distortions, color replacements, liquifying the footage, and flipping perspectives all makes this video a seismic exercise in the relationship of sight and sound. Add in a flawless bridge by guest vocalist Konshens and the end result is a sight to behold.