Rejectionist Front – “All I Am”

Right away when I hear the name of this band, I’m thinking Johnny Rotten-esque, anti-establishment rebel-rousers who don’t give a damn about the status quo or PC crap. My hunch is correct because come to find out Rejectionist Front is exactly that as they seek to create positive change through socially-charged songs. Rejectionist Front should be placed in the category of modern musical trendsetters because they are tackling relevant themes in our society head on in a highly constructive manner. My motto, especially as of recently, is Be The Change and I feel Rejectionist Front is doing just that through the expressive art form known as music.

Rejectionist Front is based in New York City and is made up of four members: Founder Michael Perlman, Lincoln Prout, David Dawson and Tony Tino. Together, this frenetic foursome brings you an in-your-face rock assault for 2017 & beyond with their release of “All I Am”. This single is featured on the full-length album titled ‘Evolve’ and the sound can best be described as hard-edged & electric. This band is not putting up a front by any means but instead getting real and being direct. Rejectionist Front is no joke and “All I Am” is a reflection of that. With lyrics like: “Take me back to the way it was…, I am a master of my own destiny and Fists of rage turned to hate”, the track serves as a wake up call and helpful reminder to make the change NOW. All you can do is you and “All I Am” is a productive, Fight-For-Your-Right anthem for this day & age.

By Jimmy Rae (