Bongo Boy TV – Season 6 Episode 11 “Whisper Dreams”

Susan SurfTone’s “Out Of My Dreams” delves into a glorious retro sound. Nicely bring together classic surf rock, garage rock with a hint of twee pop, the entire piece has a dreamy quality to it. Vocals have an ethereal quality to it as they rise above the gentle rhythms.

With a hushed reverence, Deborah Henriksson’s “Whisper” embraces a pastoral spirit. Soothing layers work in unison to create a delightful swirl, full of life and color. By keeping things to the essentials greater attention is given to Deborah Henriksson’s confident lyricism.

Judith Owen describes a little of what went into “Somebody’s Child”. Getting a little glimpse of the journey that often comes to define a work of art feels particularly welcoming, and Judith Owen illuminates the inspiration for her craft. Full of compassion Judith Owen reveals a deep love for the world.

Embracing with open arms a full-bodied rambunctious beat Jared Dylan’s “We Can’t” possesses a sleek late-night groove. Sly guitar work drives the song forward. Commanding vocals glide by throughout the luxurious atmosphere.

Heart and soul pour out of the Paula Boggs Band’s beautiful “Holocene”. Full of a light airy spirit the song explore subtle shades. Lyrics have a poetic quality. Melodies shine bright as the whole piece has a light chamber pop quality mixed with a little bit of folk.

The party gets started with MaWayy’s celebratory “Wrong”. From the stylish synthesizer sweeps to the physicality of the beat, everything forms a perfect groove. Incredible production allows the song to simply glisten, as the song explore concepts of love and lust.


By Evelyn Reyes