Maitri New Video ‘Reminder’

Brooklyn-based Maitri is releasing their much-anticipated debut full-length album, After Glow, on November 3rd, 2017. Following 2014’s debut EP From Within, the group has transformed to feature Ben Hoffmann as a co-leader/writer alongside Caroline Davis. The band is rounded out by a new foundation with two in-demand rhythm section players in New York, Sam Weber (bass) and Jay Sawyer (drums). Some elements remain from the earlier incarnation of the group; an ever-present soul and R&B underpinning and a focus on creative songwriting. The instrumentation and sound is generally the same, though the music is now more experimental, thanks to the help of mixing engineer Rahm Silverglade (altopalo, Kiah Victoria). The harder-driving sound points toward the shifting world outside, which can seem like an ever-increasing struggle. The band’s songs portray the coexistence of life’s hardship, ecstasy, and the acceptance of the two; a subtle nod toward the definition of the sanskrit word, “Maitri”.

Collaboration is still an important value to the group. From Within featured Chicago MC Neak, who added insight to two tracks; and this time, Denmark Vessey adds vocals to Oral Fixation, while Andrew Bailie (Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles) adds guitar to Hide It, Good Time, and Flying Stars. The record was mastered to tape by Doug Saltzman (Vessey, Sidewalk Chalk), adding more analog life. The cast of characters is both old and new: some Chicago connections that have been rekindled as well as new faces from the expansive New York scene.