Fay Gauthier Presents “Living in a Daydream”

Who is Fay Gauthier? She is a creative: a wondrously mercurial, smart, multi-talented musical artist, actress and writer.

Categorizing her sound as “pop with flavors of Jazz, Blues and spoken word,” Fay says she is continually influenced by what she listens to. Inspired by everything from Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles to old jazz and American composition, Fay returns from her hiatus more confident in her sound than ever before. “I’m more comfortable with the idea that my music doesn’t necessarily fit into a very specific niche or genre.”

Her single “Be What You Are” was inspired by words from a casting director years ago. Fay hopes it will encourage her listeners to be true to themselves. “You’ve got to learn to be able to shake off rejection without letting it kill your spirit… not everybody is going to “get” you. But I’ve reached the point where I’m okay with that because I’m happy doing my thing for no other reason than it’s my thing. And it’s taken a while to get there.”

Much like the single, Fay’sfull-length album “Firehead” follows the theme of her journey to embrace what makes her different. “Growing up with red hair is something that definitely makes you stand out. You get teased a ton when you’re a kid with red hair. And then you reach a certain point where it’s fun to be different. So again, the title is about embracing that.”