Julie Elody Premieres Music Video For “The Lighthouse”

Alternative pop artist Julie Elody shines a ray of light with a beautiful visual video for her most recent single “The Lighthouse,” out TODAY. The music video showcases an emotional display; alternating between scenic set shots and close ups of Julie herself, emulating a powerful statement of hope. After spending many years in a rock band, Julie made the decision to switch genres and create thoughtful electronic pop. Her previous single, the debut track “Sirens,” was released with the hope of serving as an anthem to those who cope with feelings of both anxiety and depression. The follow up, “The Lighthouse,” blasts a ray of hope through its powerful vocal melody, heavy-hitting chords, a sweet, infectious trap-esque chorus beat. About the song, Julie states:

“I think we all have moments where we feel unhinged and The Lighthouse is a song about being okay with being a little broken. My favorite line from the song is “there’s a lighthouse in this room I watched it go dark. But there are matches everywhere what distracting spark.” Even when everything feels like it’s falling apart, there’s always another way. It may not be the healthiest thing to do, but we do what we need to do to survive and sometimes that’s enough.”

Photo: Becca Wilbee