Ivy Layne Presents “One You Love”

A fresh faced international beauty and emerging pop artist, Ivy Layne is stealing hearts across the world. She will be official launching her music career in the US, making a splash in the industry with her debut single “One You Love” and shortly after with the release of her EP titled In Time. Her sound is one of a kind, a unique fusion of electric dance pop, European funk, and Caribbean rhythm that gets listeners hyped and moving.

Ivy’s unique sound is heavily influenced from her exposure to different cultures from all around the globe. The singer was born in Ukraine, then lived in France with her family, and eventually moved to New York where she could hone her style as an artist and make a leap into her career. She grew up listening to music icons like Michael Jackson and Prince, and takes influence from off-beat artists like Gwen Stefani. The vibrancy of her idols comes naturally to her. “In Time” is the product of her heart and soul, and captures the essence of who Ivy Layne is. The EP includes upbeat summer jams and rhythmic ballads, including her first single of the EP “One You Love.”

Grab a margarita, cruise the Jamaican beaches, and turn up with Ivy Layne’s “One You Love.” This steamy video directed by Bobby Yan and Kick Me Enterprises is a vacation getaway you’ve only seen in your dreams. Featuring Popcaan serenating you from the club, and Ivy seducing you from the beach, this video has viewers falling in love. After a long day soaking in the sun, Ivy’s friend arrive to take her to the club, where she dances the night away in the heart of Jamaican nightlife.