Channel K – ‘Super Queen’

Channel K creates decadent pop perfection with an edge on the confident swagger of “Super Queen”. Exploring the importance of self-worth, the way the track unfolds gives it a true sense of joy. At times Channel K simply lets loose while the piece simply explodes in a brilliant burst of color. Layer upon layer works together in unison delving into thoughtful musings, with guitars, drums and luxurious synthesizers all rushing forward. By far the true heart and soul comes from Channel K’s poetic lyricism, which rests at the very center of everything. Her vocals have fire and passion while they possess a great deal of optimism while they rise above everything else. Stylistically Channel K draws from a wide variety of sources with a little bit of alternative rock, shoegaze, all nicely framed with a poppy temperament.

Sweeping synthesizers introduce everything setting the tone for the album. Gradually the track evolves choosing a careful buildup before the guitars go for a glorious solo soaring up into the sky. An exploration of the sadder thoughts of overcast rainy days allows for an insight into the thoughts that plague so many. Upon fully realizing this idea the way that Channel K breaks out of that funk, with happier more joyous ideas feels particularly palpable. Towards the finale of the piece all comes together in a jagged, colossal riff.

With “Super Queen” Channel K swirls around opting for a dreamy hopeful quality, one that informs the entirety of the piece making it deeply reassuring.

By Adam Jacobs