Orthodontics: Learn About the Secrets of the Trade and Treatment

A phrase “smile keeps the sorrows miles away” is entirely accurate. Practically, it may not solve all the problems, but gives you the necessary courage to tackle the issues confidently.

A smile becomes beautiful if the teeth structure is perfect. Do not worry if you have any teeth/jaw structural problem. So, in case of dental issues related to teeth/jaw structure, consulting a good orthodontist is always wise.

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Qualification to become orthodontist

A person can become orthodontist only after qualifying as a dentist.Orthodontics is part of dentistry but specializes in the treatment of teeth/jaw structural problems. The person treating such issues is called orthodontist.Both dentist and orthodontist come under the same stream of doctors treating dental problems. One specialty of an orthodontist is that he/she has to undergo specialized training for at least two or three (based on course period). It is not that a dentist is unfit to treat dental problems, but an orthodontist will be able to address abnormal issues related to teeth in a better way. Orthodontist mainly concentrates on the correcting the structure of teeth and jaws.

How treatments become successful?

Treatment can be successful only if the patient cooperates with the orthodontist.In any orthodontic treatment, metal wires are inserted into orthodontic brackets (also known as braces). These braces may be made out of stainless steel or ceramic sort of material. The purpose of this is to ensure movement of teeth into desired positions when the wires interact with the brackets. Invisalign or other aligner trays include clear plastic trays that move teeth. The aim of using functional appliances is to redirect the growth of jaws. The following are some the devices used during the treatment:

•Elastic or rubber bands: This improves the fit of your bite as braces will surely straighten your teeth, but bite problems can only be rectified if it is used with elastics.

•Headgears: These are used to treat patients who are suffering from underbite problem, i.e., the lower teeth/jaw is forward than the upper teeth. A headgear commonly helps in pulling the upper teeth/jaw to bring it forward.

•Retainers: These braces come in two forms- removable or fixed. These have to be used after the straightening of the teeth as they hold the teeth in correct position. A proper usage of retainers is a must because the success rate will be dependent on how the retainers are used.

No matter what sorts of appliances are used, the success rate of any treatment depends on how well the patient is responding to the procedure, and it is the responsibility of the patient to follow the restrictions set by the orthodontist strictly.