Fire in the Field – ‘War Bonnet’

Fire in the Field fires forward with fury on the raging classic punk rock ruckus of “War Bonnet”. Riffs burn through great vast terrains as they rush through with a sense of urgency. By opting for such a timeless sound Fire in the Field ensures that their music feels akin to great art, moving yet perfect with its emotionally direct approach. Lyrics have a dreamy, highly descriptive quality to them. At times the wild, unhinged spirit recalls Death From Above’s early work. Volume deserves to be blasted for the sound needs to be felt and heard. By choosing such a visceral approach Fire in the Field goes straight for the heart.


With “Tomahawk” Fire in the Field make sure to start the collection off right with all cylinders blasting. Heavier still is the dirge of “Swift Hoof” where the track goes for a lumbering gargantuan take. Nimble guitar work gives the song an almost funk-like approach, as the jagged rhythm works wonders, adding to the overall heft of the colossal riffs. A little bit of the blues makes its way into “Duke of the Valley” where the song opts for a nearly tragic quality. By far the true heart and soul of the collection comes from the deliberate stripped down grit of “Peasant Once Passed”. Concluding the collection on a high note is the rollicking roll of “Save”.

The balance between the bombast and the beautiful is what makes Fire in the Field’s “War Bonnet” a truly unforgettable experience.

By – Shannon Carey