Tour Dates From Will Dailey – #going

“A new album is mixed! Next is mastering, artwork, pressing, release plan, videos, publicity stunts and a fake breakup to for the tabloids. But first I must road test some of this music in mid west and east coast starting with New York City Thursday.” Will

“If you want to branch out and hear something special, listen to Will.” – @dafrieds @skopemag

New York City 9/21 – Rockwood Music Hall
Martha’s Vinyard 9/23 – Strand Theater
Nashua, NH 10/1 – Riverwalk
Lowell, MA 10/7 – Kerouac 60th Anniversary
Milwaukee, WI 11/8 – Shankhall
Chicago, IL 11/9 – Gman Tavern
Indianapolis, IN 11/10 – Foundation Square
Salsbury, MA 11/11 – Blue Ocean Music Hall
Lake Orion, MI 11/11 – 20 Front Street
Cleveland, OH 11/13 – Beachland Tavern
Pittsburgh, PA 11/14 – Club Cafe