Lauren Waller – ‘What If’

Lauren Waller was the successor with her debut single “Never Were” that played on Ireland’s National Television Channel RTE, where the host celebrity Daithi O Se went on to describe her as “absolutely brilliant, and [singing] from the heart!”

Since, Lauren has released two EP’s “Perhaps” and “No Name Here”, that just so happens to breach into the inner-workings of every relationship, questioning loyalty, love, and trust. Each song woven with such catchy lyrics, powerful vocals, and beats! Hence why “No Name Here”, is quite the talker, as if it was not for the track “What If”, more would be said about Lauren Waller, than just her namesake.

Thus this track that is titled “What If”, takes what her debut track did, except has it breaching outward to become much more impressive and reachable in terms of material and quality of sound and style. That alone, is what sets up the “No Name Here” EP release as a whole. For “What If”, details the structure of a individual that Lauren has faced or thought of, wondering why this person walked away, why nothing was done about it, and nothing happened by it. All having these unanswered questions in hand. That is what the lyrics of the track go on about at least.

While the music portion of the track, is your typical if not average indie pop genre of works. Not saying that this track is bad, no it is not. It is just average in terms of style and sound, that you have heard the style of sound before, type of feeling. Or perhaps even heard a similar female artist sounding along the same line of style before as well. That is what is being said about being typical and average here. But it is more of a good thing, than bad, as it is again not bad at all.

For Lauren’s creative style of sound and her ability to provide her voice in the way that she does, is very genuine and unique. Like for instance, the track itself provides the music portions with a very easy listening experience. That is what happens upon this track, it is like you are going on an experience or journey, just listening to the music without the vocal track, then with the vocal track provided in, you get the full on exposure and experience of it altogether. It is as if her vocal chords add this tuning effect, that captures the music in a trance like state of being.

Her vocal chords being drawn out, that they guide across the music, as her powerful yet embracive tones, really motives the music itself. The music being just laid back, and easy listening type of music. There is no riffs of the guitars, or roaring beats of the drums, or even bass present by the sounds of it. It is more done in a manner that makes the music be just music, based on the melodies and harmonies alone.

In short really, Lauren Waller’s “What If”, off the EP “No Name Here”, is just a track you can find enjoying. It’s by an artist, debuted as having a voice, that just tops it all. It is one that leaves you wanting much more, than what is given here, and surely more will come, if more want it.

By: Natalie Perez