From Novosibirsk, Russia. Believing in the melodic and instrumental power of music, Cobat has been making electronically infused progressive rock since the late ‘90s but really got into the swing of things when the internet started to become more of an asset for musicians around the world to get their sounds heard. Years later he had his sophomore release, Those Who Dare Truly Live. On top of it Cobat also has his 2017 single, “Night Intruder.” Written about a night in which an actual intruder tried to get inside his home. Thankfully all that resulted was this piece of music. Electronically infused progressive rock is nothing new, but this music seems based around the electronic side more than anything. The instrumental factor can go anywhere and that is why. Progressive Rock always has a theme that stands out, one that you don’t have to wonder so easily what is about. Those Who Dare Truly Live only have that going in the title, but they succeed in sustaining the point and the rest is up to the imagination. And if you follow the song titles you’re able to at least get the picture that way. Then it’s a journey from there, and this one works in every way to earn the Prog tag.


Put them together and it kicks off with “Euphoria 1” but it’s only the first part of three tracks, and this is only a slight glimpse into the picture. But the beats and everything are spot on if that’s your thing. The keyboards get much more of a workout though. “Euphoria II” chimes in with some soothing effects and a slower tempo but just as groovy as the former. But “Euphoria III” is probably the best of the three parts. “Bad Trip” comes on strong from a completely different direction like out of nowhere, just as a bad trip would. This has all kinds of energy, mostly in the unrelenting beats. “Dreaming In Thunderclouds” has more of a New Age ring to it, and that’s cool beceause it almost sounds like Jean Michael Jarre. In-fact if Cobat isn’t influenced by the keyboard wizard I’d be very surprised. Again, this is a very soothing track with cool soundscapes and waterdrops which dampen the mood perfectly as if to sound like rain. “Cold Crystals” follows in proper fashion with some more ice-cold treatment to top it off. These two go very well together but it’s the former track that holds the most weight. And so-far everything has been electronic driven for the most part.

“The 7th Heaven” is where that all changes, with an acoustic guitar all of-a sudden in the lead. This comes on at just the right time and brings the album to life with an undeniably killer track. But “Sadness” lightens things up a little too much after such a good thing. But it’s rectified by “Dare” one of the bigger sounding tracks and it has some vocal parts but they sound sampled. This is one of the best moments to be heard on Those Who Truly Dare To Live. “Fusion” and “2080” take it all out with top marks for a well written, arranged and produced album by the time it’s over. Cobat knows what he’s doing, he’s been at it long enough. This is album no exception to that rule.


Larry Toering