Secrets to Buying the Perfect Bed Sheets by TOILE Showroom

During the selection of the perfect decors and necessary objects for your bedroom, what obviously comes first in anybody’s mind is the bed. Just like a book cover represents a book, similarly, a bed sheet represents a bed as well as its owner. You can say that the bed sheet is the face of the bed and you have to give a good amount of time and care to make it look good. Quality, comfort, and cleanliness are as much important as aesthetics. Here are some secret tips to help you have the perfect bed sheet that money can buy.


Utmost importance should be given to the fabric while choosing a bed sheet. After spending 8 to 10 hours at the workplace and an equally tiresome journey you will be exhausted. At that moment you will care about nothing in the world except crashing down on your comfortable bed. The degree of comfort will greatly depend on the material of the bed sheet you choose.


Cotton is the most popular and by far the most comfortable material for bed sheet. Cotton can be quite cozy and durable. It’s perfect for any weather and climate. Entrapment of heat by the cotton fiber allows the bed sheet to pass cool air through the threads which makes it perfect for warm and sticky summer season. Cotton bed sheets could be available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. It’s best if you choose 100 percent cotton, instead of the mixed cotton bed sheets. So far, Egyptian cotton is the perfect option for those who want nothing but the very best. Premium quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets can be purchased from various online stores such as TOILE Showroom. 100 percent Pima cotton (sometimes known as Supima cotton) is also top of the line material for bed sheets.

Linen and Satin

Linen and satin sheets are also good options for you. But just so you remember, linen sheets require lots of ironing to avoid wrinkles. The benefits of satin sheets are they look quite glamorous and romantic, but they could get pretty warm and slippery for you.

What is thread count?

In a simplified sentence, the thread count means the number of horizontal as well vertical threads in per square inch of the fabric (that is your bed sheet).

Is it important?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no! Higher thread count is desirable and plays an important role in the case of smoothness. But thread count is not always reliable. The smoothness and durability also depend on the type of the material you choose.

Choosing the correct size

Before ordering the bed sheet you should properly measure your bed’s size. Do you happen to have a king size standard bed? Or, do you have a queen size bed? You also have to keep in mind that there are other kinds of beds as well such as twin size beds. All types of standard size bed sheets are generally available in both online and offline stores.


After buying your dream bed sheets, your job is half done. The rest of the job is caring for the fabric. Wash your bed linen each week. You should avoid cleaning them in hot water. Instead, use warm water with mild eco-friendly detergent. When you have both beauty and comfort, you have the perfect bed sheet you dreamed of. Happy shopping!