Lucas Rabel – ‘Western Amber Skies’

Talent comes in a variety of ways for some, for the case of Lucas Rabel, he is one that is multi-talented, being an instrumentalist, as well as a singer and song writer of sorts who is a musician, playing music that hones in his sound and style. In fact, he has so much style he went on to release his debut album “Western Amber Skies” which includes his top hit single “Listen”. So why not take a listen shall we, yes we shall.

“Fearless Freaks” kicks things off for this mix match of a release. Bringing together rock, folk, Americana, pop, with a mixture of folk rock, and good old roots, have to stick to your roots if you wanna succeed. Hence why the opening number makes this release moving. It brings forth all of these genres together, having it sound sleek and cool. Very groovy, fun, and upbeat. Whereas other tracks off the album like “Listen”, that happens to be the single of choice, is just as entertaining as the opener. Except this single efforts, puts in all of the efforts possible, it being more upbeat and catchier.

Other songs like “Love Songs For Years”, “Little Darling”, and “Fly Away”, are the pick of the litter off this album besides the others mentioned already. These other song selections just pick the album clean, being very well rounded and cut clean. Vocals are sung very crisp and clear, while the instruments are laid back, easy going and enjoyable. Lyrical speaking, the words fly off the music, being very enlightening yet fulfilling at times as well. It just becomes one of this releases, you could enjoy at any time, day, month of even year. It brings to mind other artists who are out and about currently, like Twenty One Pilots or perhaps even John Mayor’s classic works. That is what Lucas Rabel does with his works, he brings out this modern day edge with a timeless class of a tone to his music of a beat. It is again very entertaining yet promising.

“Western Amber Skies”, is just one of those albums that can become classy on its own accord. It may offer a variety of genres to hear, but that is why it is so unique and rather interesting. It offers so much to the listener at hand. Lots of meaning, music, and fun. Not much else needed for a release as solid as this one. Lucas himself being such a creative cat, he will be turning heads more so than he did before. If it was not for his “Listen” single release, then this album would not be so crowd pleasing as it already turns out.

In short, enough said as it were, that this album with its artist behind are both well rounded pieces of craft and creativity. Each working hand in hand with one another, that they will both go off without any issues, rather a big bang of sorts! Not much else to be had or said for it really, that’s just how it sounds and feels to the ear.

By: Natalie Perez