Peasant Moon Songs – ‘Our Timing is Wrong’

The songs on this EP are country and the style of country is well reflected in the name of the band. Peasant Moon Songs is a nod towards folk songs, where the idea of country began, on a porch with a singer and a guitar or a banjo. A musician singing out under the moon after working a full day’s shift at some job to get by, creating music is the outlet. The picture that is with the songs is also appropriate. In their sort of profile picture there is a man and a woman. They are both dressed in a modern version of country style. She is wearing a jean jumper with a tie around the middle and he is wearing jeans with a plaid shirt. The first song on the list is titled, ‘Back in Time.’ This song starts with a soft guitar and harmonica. He soon begins to sing. This song is a romance. It’s a sad song with lyrics like, “I wish I could go back in time tonight and I’d show you who I meant to be.” The accompaniment of a piano also adds to the song’s romantic tones.

‘Our Timing Was Wrong’ is the next song on the list. This song includes both of their voices with the background instrumentals of banjos, piano, and guitar. Another song about love, this definite country song is relaxing and relatable. The next song is Over Again. It starts with guitar and a vivid line of, “With my neck held back.” ‘Over Again’ is sung in a male voice with a female voice in the background repeating some of the lyrics. This love song follows the previous song, about unrequited love. “I’ll try over and over again. I’ll see you at the end.” This line is implying that if he does not get through to her he will wait until the end, of perhaps life.

‘Party’ is the fourth song on the playlist. It starts with him counting up to four. This is a love song with an accompanying guitar. A love song about a mutual love with both him and her singing parts about the relationship. However there is a conflict, because neither of them has stepped up and confessed their feelings. The party is meant to be the catalyst that brings them together. ‘Leaving Tonight’ is the last song on the playlist. This song starts with guitar. The lyrics begin with him and she has some parts. It is about unrequited love, in which he attempted to pursue this woman and got rejected. The theme of love is a very common one, especially for country music. Love songs and country music just go together. Love songs are usually a very calming theme which most anyone can relate to. These songs are calming, but still sad and somewhat deep. This makes it a great subject for songs. Peasant Moon Songs really captures this theme of country music very well with their love songs. Also it makes for very welcoming and homey music.

By – Ben Johnson