Dennis Sy – ‘Can She Stay’

“My music is my passion” is said to be the nutshell that covers Dennis Sy, singer, song writer, and performer of his own composition of work, consisting of 30 original songs and counting, spanning across 20 years. Dennis Sy’s most recent work is a song called “Can She Stay”, which words were written by Dennis Sy as well as Michael Peloso, music by Dennis Sy and it produced by Lorrie Ilustre and Dennis Sy.

So with all of this input already out there, how does this song adjust for you, the listener in tow. Well it combines the likes of a variety of genres, pop, acoustic, and rock, all done with piano and vocals. In regards to the types of songs he writes about including this one, he has said “I write based on how I feel at a particular moment. If I feel kind of low because of the challenge I am facing that’s what I’m going to write about.” He added, “It’s really a process; it’s cathartic for me. My writing allows me to vent out and talk about the stuff I deal with on a daily basis.”

That said, “Can She Stay”, is a tossup between dealing with the loss of a loved one, not in the terms of death. But the loss of having them leave the person, like this song sounds as if it is discussing the pain that Dennis has felt losing his partner in crime, his wife or girlfriend, a lover of sorts. Or it is perhaps detailing the loss of a loved one in the case of a daughter or someone close to being considered a daughter to him. That is what the song’s lyrical context revolves around at least. The music portions gives off a more pop tone with the flare of a ballad, allowing it to become if at that a pop ballad track.

One that can be heard countless times, each time through, being just as fulfilling as the last. Dennis’ vocal chords are put to work on this track though. You can hear his expressions in the melodies and lyrics of the track. So meaningful and emotional, it just all settles into the whole piece of the song.

As he has said, music has always been there, always being a huge part of his life. It dates back to way back when, when he was playing in bars, creating music from the get go of it all. Since then he has continued to showcased his passion of music creativity and it is best displayed upon this track right here. The track does not only consist of his vocals and a piano, but has some jazz influences and pieces placed as well. A portion of the track has a saxophone piece that really fits well into the melody of the piano work. Having the two working together as one, bringing the music full circle.

It is perhaps one of the more interesting and emotional tracks that Dennis Sy has created thus far. “Can She Stay” asks the question that we can all recognize or ask ourselves. Asking if someone or something we cherish dearly can really stay physically or mentally. It is within us to do what we feel is right.

By: Natalie Perez