What Does My Mattress Have to Do With My Health?

It’s not possible to enjoy sleep that is deep and rejuvenating when using a poor-quality mattress that misaligns your body. Sleep ergonomics can result in an improvement in both the quality and quantity of your sleep. The matter of proper alignment of your body might sound strange but is important nonetheless.

Strange because you might think that pretty much any sleeping posture is fine as long as you’re comfortable. Posture is important because, one, a seemingly comfortable sleeping posture may not necessarily mean that you are properly aligned and, two, misalignment typically leads to health problems both in the short and long term.

These problems include, among others, neck and back pain, both of which diminish the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. Poor sleeping habits and sleep deprivation can cause serious harm to your physiological health.

The most comfortable position versus proper posture

The right position and the most comfortable position may not always be the same because of the way the human body is naturally structured. Once your body gets used to a poorly aligned position, changing to a better position, while good for you, will cause discomfort. Sleeping on a good-quality mattress ensures that your body is well supported and properly aligned.

Do you frequently feel sleepy during the day, have headaches or lose focus with tasks? These are common symptoms of inadequate and poor-quality sleep, typically as a result of sleeping on an old mattress that doesn’t support your body well. If you’re like most people, you probably overlook the link between how well you sleep and how good your mattress is.

You might be wondering what the best type of mattress is. People in the sleep industry have long debated on which between soft and firm mattresses are superior. The answer lies somewhere in between, with many sleep experts settling on the medium-firm mattress as the most suitable for the best quality sleep.

Improved sleep quality translates to better overall health

When you’re well-supported as you sleep, your neck, middle back and lower back are positioned in a way that allows you to breathe easily. Getting enough oxygen into your lungs helps your parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) function effectively, which in turn helps your fatigued body relax and restore itself.
Contrastingly, lack of enough oxygen due to labored breathing causes excess production of adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, both of which make it difficult for your body to fully relax.

Sleeping in an incorrect posture can also cause poor blood circulation in your body.

There’s no single best position to sleep. Whichever posture you choose, make sure that it is spine-neutral, meaning that your spine is naturally aligned. Going by real mattress reviews Nectar, the most effective way of ensuring that you sleep in the correct position is sleeping on a medium-firm mattress that supports you while ensuring you’re comfortable.

As a person who takes their overall health seriously, you should consider shopping around for a new mattress that promotes good sleep. You should also ensure that you sleep at least seven hours.

Isabella Rossellini has worked as a sales manager in the home furniture industry for 13 years and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to bedroom furniture, as well as real mattress reviews Nectar among others.