Funky EP ‘Tranquilizer’ By Remember Jones

Music is every soul’s requirement. It is a pleasure for everyone to listen to music and to hear the sheer bliss of rhythmic tunes and melody that is clubbed together with vocals. Several artists around the world bring out albums or singles to come up with rich and soulful music. Anthony D’Amato, popularly known as Remember Jones, has also released his new EP ‘Tranquilizer’ with the thought of showcasing his musical skills to others.

The music of the new release will appeal to the group of people who love high-energy tracks and R&B tracks. The uplifting, funky songs belong to the high-track genre and have its own set of followers around the world. Although, the tracks have a very funky and fusion style, yet it possesses the element that pulls one deeply from the soul.

Along with the lead artist Remember Jones, the song also has the voice of Ray Charles and James Brown to add a unique style and marvelous touch to every track. The drumming, the music and the electrical tune added to the song, makes it more interesting and draws listeners towards it magnificently.

Remember Jones is a renowned artist who comes up with a fulfilling track that is known for appeasing the listeners and hold up to repeat plays. With EP ‘Tranquilizer’, the artist has created the similar level of magic and has managed to floor down the listeners.

The raw passion and emotion carried brilliantly through the song. There are an unparalleled presentation and a unique mix of energy with emotion flowing around in the track that captivates the listeners. The joyful, confident and vibrant voice of the artist will bend down the listeners to come up with comments like “What A Voice!”. The authenticity of the singer is established and there are no two opinions about his skill and unmatched singing talent.

The recordings have a soulful vintage environment attached to it that complements brilliantly the smoky jazz bar. The softness of ‘The Stormy Suite’ or the energy of’ Don’t Put Me On Hold’, the album has everything to grab your attention and your emotion. It’s an album of music that makes you feel energetic, that makes you feel rejuvenated. It creates a positive and charming environment around you and helps you to feel incredibly happy with its therapeutic musical expression that is combined with the soulful voice of the artist.

Every essence and emotion of human life is captured in the various tracks of the EP and you just can’t control yourself from listening to it through your playlist over and over again. The song repeats itself in your playlist for its core musical elements and the wonderful feelings which it portrays.

Music is all about feelings and emotions and by hitting the right chord in the heart of his listeners, Remember Jones has proved his brilliance with this new release. It has the power to touch your soul, your heart and to keep your mind engaged with its tranquil music and brilliant track.

9/10 Stars

By Nick Williams