TUELO – ‘Saint Margaret’

TUELO’s latest song turned single “Saint Margaret”, is not just another song for all to hear. It has a meaning behind it, as it turns out, it is a homage to TUELO’s mother, Seabi. Whose name in English means Margaret. So there is some insight and back-story for you.

Aside from that though, TUELO had left her family farm in South Africa and came to America. She would then find her voice and music as a guide to conquer herself. In fact, her own mother has yet to even hear let alone see her own daughter perform at least not yet anyway. But that does not stop TUELO from having her mother become one of her most favorite topics in existence. For if it was not for her own mother, she would not have anything else to discuss because her mother is thrown into every conversation and every single show. TUELO credits her love for people, environments, traditions, cultures, words, learning, spirituality, and her non-conformist and awkward nature to her own mother. Often remarking that if someone had told her as a child that her mother was God himself, she would have been a believer so long ago, it is not even funny.

So besides her mom being so important to her from the get go, “Saint Margaret”, is of course the song turned single in question here. We already know the meaning for the song, TUELO’s mother. But the song itself has so much more to offer the listener. A lot of other listener’s as it were had such remarkable things to say about it, ranging from amazing, to you can hear the feeling behind these lyrics and of every single word it is just wow. Right down to mentioning of the lyrics being simply wow to loving the lyrics! So right away, the song already has a lot going for it. The kind words said here, down to its meaning, how does the song sound off though?

Well it is blended between such genres as pop, indie rock, soul, revival, and discovery. These bringing forth a lot of soul, power, and realistic reality as a whole. It is as if these genres come full circle, to be a well rounded source of material, that sounds just right. Vocalization wise you hear TUELO’s style being very in-depth with the music, while the music itself sorts off to being something so much more. It expands its variety to sounding so unique. Lots of craft and catchiness can be heard, while the upbeat tones plays off the vocal chords, just right. It just brings everything so together that it sounds perfect in every which way possible.

TUELO has just got a lot of variety with so much to offer is what is trying to be said here really. She has got that talent, that is really undeniable. She is one of those acts that has been around for some time only now getting noticed. It is not a bad thing but more of a good thing. For her talents and creative music is an outlet of raw talents, that can spread her traits more so, than she ever knew she could take them to go.


By: Natalie Perez