Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels started his music career in the rural surroundings of Spokane, WA where he grew up in a family of very talented singers and musicians. Understanding the importance and value of music, Marc was enrolled in piano lessons in elementary school which he proceeded to take through high school. Marc drew much of his inspiration from bands ranging in various rock and country genres such as Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. Being as I am from the region it’s a breath of fresh air to hear some good country music, and Marc Daniels is one of few really-even making the radar. “Redheads” is not only a good country single, it’s simply hard to come by the likes of in what is still primarily a blues, rock and pop corner of the nation. Spokane does have a few, but many of them carry over to east of the Rockies. And there is also a lot of country and country rock on the east coast, as well. And this is pretty-rocking but not alternative style like some are getting into, which being from the area I was expecting more of.


Instead, it centers more around the classic lighthearted country humor without being old fashioned about it. The video helps the whole thing by kicking off in a bar playing pool, but the lyrics speak for the title itself. It’s just as easy to follow without watching a clip. He’s on the hunt for “Redheads” like them or not. And it is a lot of fun and all that, but there is more to Marc Daniels as a singer and the music as well. With or without the concept of this song, he has a soulful singing voice that isn’t restricted to country. But if you’ve already heard him, you know that much.

This single has a similar chorus to the previous one, which is worth checking out too, so are all his songs and videos. He’s been around for about ten years, doing both rock and country. He somehow manages a voice that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has all the chops. The rural northwest also produces a lot of good storytelling and he gets all of that across in his music, and the subject matter here just fits those elements. His album The Starting Line hit in 2016 and this is one of the singles, but the album’s front running track. But they’re all good consistent tunes that should resonate. “Redheads” couldn’t be more playful but he’s a seriously good vocalist with a lot of influences behind him. It’s not that they come out in this track, but once you hear it you’ll want to hear the whole album anyway. He’s a good artist, there is no question about it, and after ten years it sounds like he’s paid some dues and it’s come together for him. It’s about carving a niche in country from another corner of the spectrum. This isn’t easy but Marc Daniels makes it look that way because he’s experienced. If you don’t like it his way, you’re too serious. It’s undeniably good.


Larry Toering