Billy Ray Deiz – ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

What is it about cover versions of songs that get people so moved or shall we say excited? Maybe it is because it is a take on a classic version of a familiar tune except refreshed for a modern age by their favorite artist or band that it just ignites within them to enjoy it nonetheless. Whatever the case may be here we have Billy Ray Deiz’s take on a covered version of his own by Paul Simon of a track called “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. But this track was not the first cover for even Paul Simon, for Elvis Presley had his own take or perhaps was the original for this track overall. If so then this track goes back to the 70’s traveling on through to 90s with Paul Simon’s version, up until the modern day of today of the late 00’s era with Billy Ray Deiz’s take on it.

For whatever version it turns out to be it is really the same song just performed by a different act. When it comes down to the original take done by the 70s iconic Elvis his version is rather mellow yet soothing, whereas Paul’s version is a lot like that except more mellow than Elvis’ version. While Billy Ray Deiz’s version is more out there. His take being a lot more outstanding, more embracive, impressive, if not inspiring. He is able to take a track that has been performed before by other performers, except decides to go on it with his own take of it, really tossing it out of the way, going far beyond what the previous counterparts had done with their versions.

Like said Billy’s version is very impressive and embracive with the music and vocal chords at hand. His vocal abilities being striking, bellowing, yet outstanding, able to draw in those high notes, singing the melodies perfectly. He just has this way with music, it becomes rather flawless, as to how well the music and his vocal chords flow so well with the music, it makes it engulf the listener hearing it.

His style is a lot like Paul Simon’s both of which use a variety of genre choices, ranging from pop, rock, soul, to even country for Billy’s fancying. Both acts just able to work in the traits of music so well, it works in their favor. When listening to Billy’s style with this cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, you hear a lot of the genre choices he’s picked up since picking those out. A lot of the soul, pop, rock appeal is embedded within this covered version, it makes the song more appealing and enjoyable.

Billy Ray Deiz is a man with such pride and passion in what he is able to do with music. He can create original works as well as covered works so freely and loosely, that it excites all who hear it for the first time, if not the hundredth time. His range in music and in vocals, just ends up working out for him. Which in turn makes the listeners that is us, very happy with his turn out whatever it may be.

By: Natalie Perez