Sound Service: 4 Tips For Hosting Your First Benefit Concert

If there is someone you know who needs funds for a medical bill or for some other emergency situation that has come up in life, then consider holding a benefit concert. The concert is a way to gather friends and family together to support the person you’re assisting or to bring awareness to an organization that you want to help. There are a few tips to keep in mind when hosting your first concert so that it’s a success.

Create A Team
The first thing that you want to do is gather a team of people who can help with decorations, food, and music. When you have people working together for the same cause, then the event is a bit more successful. Designate a job for each team member, such as serving food or setting up chairs. Your team members should show enthusiasm for the event so that guests feel welcome. Perform a background check, using professionals like those at Blueline Services, to ensure you are getting the best volunteers for your cause.

Overestimate Funds
When you’re setting your budget, plan to spend more than you will likely spend. This will prevent any surprises that might arise with prices of food and entertainment. There are some details of the event that you might be able to secure for free, such as advertising in exchange for an interview or samples of food in exchange for securing events for the company in the future.

If you don’t communicate to others about the event, then no one will know when it’s taking place or what will be offered. Talk to the people who are helping with the event and those who are entertaining. You want to make sure everyone is on the same schedule when it comes to setting up tents, chairs, tables and other items that will make the benefit a success. Offer information about who the concert is for and other ways that guests can help.

Have Fun
The most important thing is to have fun. Everyone will enjoy the event more if they see the presenters smiling and celebrating. It might be a benefit for a cause that has a sad background, but that doesn’t mean that the event has to be shrouded in sadness. You’re hosting the event to help, not hurt.

A benefit concert is a way to help others who are in need. Focus on finding people who can help you succeed with the benefit. Create a plan, and stick with the details so that you’re prepared for what comes your way during the event.