Sarantos – “Above The Clouds”

Sarantos taps into a sunny optimism with the cheerful sound of “Above The Clouds”. Light and airy, the song has a downright blissful poppy quality to it. Instrumentally rich, the rhythm has a laid-back, easy style to it. Incorporating a wide variety of styles into the mix from soft rock to pop to singer-songwriter allows Sarantos to create a kaleidoscopic soothing sound. This perfectly accompanies the powerful vocals that help to drive the song forward.

Not a moment is wasted in getting started. Right from the first moment the song settles into an inviting warm groove. From there Sarantos lets his vocals exude calm. The deep register he sings in gives the words that much more power, like speaking to a close friend. By operating with this sense of friendliness everything feel so welcoming. Highly articulate, the lyrics focus upon the difficulties that life can so often bring. Rather than simply get flustered, the lyrics instead look above, after such turbulence has been handled. Choosing to do this allows for a greater level of happiness in a life. Literally rising above the problems that are so often faced, the lyrics look towards the future, once everything has been resolved. For to truly feel at peace requires taking on new challenges and improving a life one small step at a time until it feels like everything is smoothly gliding along.

With “Above The Clouds” Sarantos delves into a glorious sea of sound incorporating a timeless message of hope.

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