4 Unique Ways to Set Your Band Apart from the Competition

To lovers of music, it might seem like new bands pop up about as often as dandelions in the grass. In order to set your band apart from the competition, you will need to be proactive. Try these four unique ways of getting positive attention for your band.
Partner With a Charitable Organization

Consider partnering with a charitable organization that you and your band mates feel strongly about. For example, if you are passionate about the welfare of animals, consider pairing with a local no-kill animal shelter and sponsoring one of their charitable events. You could also host a fundraising event, playing the live music at no cost to the charity.

Use Medical or Recreational Cannabis Responsibly
If you choose to use recreational cannabis, do so responsibly. If you need medical cannabis, be sure to properly use your prescription. Only use the cannabis when you are at home and do not have to drive anywhere. Driving under the influence can cause car crashes and injuries to you and others. Keep your medicinal or recreational cannabis locked and out of reach of pets, children, or other people who might be visiting your home.

Engaging With Your Fans on Social Media
Your band could have a greater level of success if you personally engage with your fans and followers on social media. Consider doing occasional live webcasts of a practice session or a brief interview. You could also accept questions from fans and answer them on your social media pages. Your followers will see that you care about and appreciate them. A strong digital presence will help to build your band’s reputation.

Attending Special Community Events
Consider making appearances at special community events. For example, if a local children’s hospital is putting on a fundraising benefit, consider attending it. Pay for your tickets or sponsor an entire table. You could have a contest to invite a fan to attend the event with you. You might also consider attending special events such as the grand opening of a new community center, restaurant or public park. Your presence at the event will generate attention for your band and for the business or organization hosting the event.

Setting your band apart from the competition requires ongoing attention and focus. By maintaining positive individual and collective reputations, the members of your band can generate more followers and fans. You can also strive to be responsible with your behavior. Partnering with a charity or cause will also help your band with achieving solid reputations that keep your fans engaged and interested.