So Below Unveils Highly Anticipated New Single ‘Ruin’

Following on from the success of single ‘Hard’, released late last year, New Zealand born goth-pop artist So Below has returned with a brand new single, ‘Ruin’. Co-written with SOMBEAR of Now, Now and Chelsea Jade – with additional production from The Naked and Famous’ Aaron Short – the track takes cues from the darker reaches of electronica while readapting the modern dance format for a midnight-hued take on pop music.

Set to a tapestry of pulsing bass and heavy duty kicks, ‘Ruin’ acts as an ode to disappointment, emphasizing the emptiness after placing your trust in those who do not deserve it. Using the more electronic hints of Trent Reznor’s work in Nine Inch Nails as a reference point, So Below’s vocals glide over the track’s steadily enveloping instrumental, applying pressure and intensity leading into the track’s crescendo, a wash of full bodied synths and emotionally wrought lyricism.