Why Should Women Weight Train For Fitness?

Women who exercise regularly to improve their endurance and physique have a tendency to avoid lifting weights. The reason for this is that these individuals are under the misconception that they will lose their feminine shape under such fitness programs and gain more muscle mass. However, if you include strength training exercises in your workouts, your stamina increases and you lose more body fat in comparison to those who prefer to do only yoga and cardio. This goes a long way in helping you attain the figure you desire without bulking up. In fact, the fitness experts says it is time for you to dispel yourfears and take up weight training for the following reasons:

• Helps to burn more calories
Most women like you go to the gym to burn excess body fat to achieve the perfect feminine figure they desire. Including weight training in your fitness regime can help you to accomplish this objective. Performing yoga postures and running on a treadmill is effective up to a certain point because afterwards your gets accustomed to such exercises. Moreover, your body has fewer hormones than a man does so you do not have to worry about bulking upwhile undergoing strength training.

• Tone muscles
The fitness professionals from http://getairlethbridge.com further state that most women like you want a lean physique so they look good in any outfit. While strength training and cardio exercise go a long way in helping your lose excess body fat, lifting weights in the gym also assists in toning your muscles.

• Keeps obesity at bay
When your workout regime includes both cardio exercises and strength training, you boost your metabolism. Even when you are resting, you burn more body fat in comparison to those individuals who do not lift weights in the gym. This goes a long way in helping you to fight obesity.

• Combats Osteoporosis
Fitness specialists go on to explain that it is important for you as a woman to include strength training in your fitness program. This is because lifting weights help to enhance bone density besides toning your muscles. Even professionals from the medical fraternity say that weight training helps to fight loss of bone mass in women and keep osteoporosis at bay.

• Stress Relief
Women who include lifting weights in their fitness regimes are able to handle various form of stress they experience in their daily lives effectively. Moreover, strength training also goes a long way in helping you improve your memory and other cognitive functions.

• Enhance the health of your heart
When you pump iron in the gym on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a heart ailment. In addition to this, strength training is also a powerful tool in keeping your blood pressure within moderate levels.

It is important for women to include strength training in their workout regime if they want to attain that perfect feminine figure. In addition to this, you can get the above benefits from lifting weights on as daily basis.

Author bio:Melissa Jane Murphy from http://getairlethbridge.com/ is a fitness trainer for women. She is well- known for her effective customized weight training programs for her clients.