Deb Montgomery – ‘Long Long Journey’

Deb Montgomery sings with a lifetime of experiences on the glorious “Long Long Journey”. Representing the best of folk, her voice expresses great reassurance throughout the album. Songs possess a fragile, delicate quality to them. Keeping things to the absolute essentials means the songs have an intimacy to them. By ensuring a naturalistic and optimistic air to them, these are pieces that offer great comfort. With lyricism that has a careful, tender tone to them they have a familiar familial quality to them.

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Light and airy acoustic guitar introduces the album with the contemplative observations of “Long Long Journey”. Nearly whispered is the near-silence of “Hail to Helpless Things” where the way the song builds up with her voice has a triumphant spirit to it. Reminiscent of Nick Drake is the patient “We Run” where Deb Montgomery utilizes the spacious sound to her advantage. Switching the style up a little bit is the piano-led ballad of “Awake”. Easily the highlight of the album is the colorful work of “From the Sky”. A small snapshot of life is revealed on the contemplative “Sun Goes Up”. Calm playing defines the reflective “While I Waited”. Gentle gestures come into play on the lovely “Half Of”. Bringing the album to a close is the radiant “Ask For Angels”.

With “Long Long Journey” Deb Montgomery strips away any adornment and gets to the heart of the matter, with a sound and a style that touches the very heart.

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