The Foxfires – ‘Reawakening’

The Foxfires deliver a spellbinding, summery sound on the garage surf rock hybrid of “Reawakening”. With a neat nod to the past while forging new paths, there is something so welcoming about the sound. Guitar work is fantastic with nimble work gracing much of the album. Possessing a strong sense of optimism, the songs are driven forward by the thoughtful, highly articulate lyricism that adorns the album. Catchy hooks adorn the songs, with each one presenting a blissful dreamy sound.

Opening the album on a spacious note is the glorious sun-drenched spirit of “Patience”. From the rather elegant guitar work to the soothing atmosphere, the song is one of the highlights of the album. Careful, jazz-informed percussion plays an important role in “Soaring Stones”. A light yet concise groove takes hold on the title track “Reawakening”. Giddiness works wonders on the passionate “Garden of Eden” with the bass adding to the overall warmth of the sound. By far the highlight of the album is the hazy temperament of “Winter in California”. Nicely tapping into a gorgeous late 80s/early 90s shoegaze sound is the colorful arrangement of “Fleeting Foxes”. Ambitious in scope is the surreal universe of “Food for Thought” where the colossal buildup of sound gives it a nearly post-rock structure. Ending the album is the meditative “Patience (Reprise)”.

Best taken in on a lazy lovely Sunday afternoon staring at the sky, the Foxfires create a jubilant world with “Reawakening”.

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