Be Only You Video “Winning”

B.O.Y, which stands for Be Only You, is an all-girl trio that impeccably bonds the echoes of soul, rap, and R&B music into an incredibly charming ensemble. Going from unrepentantly tomboy to adventurously sexy aesthetically, these girls have that star quality that commands the attention of all who cross their path. Staying fun and classy, with more than a touch of seduction, B.O.Y feed off the trends of golden era hip-hop and R&B; their latest hit, “Winning” being the perfect example. Fans and listeners all over will be poppin’ and lockin’ to this hard-hitting track.

B.O.Y consists of Gianni, known as “Wildboy,” Miesha, who goes by “B.BOY,” and Summer, also known as “Billions” or “Rudeboy.” This hip-hop trinity was discovered by now manager, Nicole Rae, who developed them, quickly garnering the attention of Corte Ellis and Tom Morris (Akademy Records). With the full team in place, the group wrote and recorded an astonishing collection of fierce new records in less than a week. Soon after, Cortè introduced the girls to his lifelong music mentor and collaborator, Missy Elliot, and received the confirmation he needed in B.O.Y.’s ability to go all-in with this trio. With industry titans like Cortè Ellis and Tom Morris in their corner, it will not be long before this humble girl group that started from Virginia is at the tip of everybody’s tongue. Their self-titled EP, B.O.Y., has blown musical auditors out of the water. Willing to change the world but only asking fans to “be only you,” their music is eloquent and appealing with subject matter that is entrenched in actuality. In a time when searching for endless fame is the M.O., a group of humble-minded women is invigorating to the senses.